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Association for the Prevention and
Handling of Violence in the Family

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 Prevention Support Groups


Prevention support groups were formed, so as to meet the needs to provide information to a wider population, and raise public awareness on the issue of domestic violence. The Prevention Support groups aim to increase public awareness of SPAVO’s work and role and in their respective cities and districts.

So far, the Prevention Support groups in Paphos and Limassol have organized various events such as the celebration of March 8 in city squares, cultural fundraising events, as well as lectures/ workshops to educate the public about the treatment and prevention of the phenomenon of domestic violence in schools and other organized groups.  

The support provided to our Association by the prevention support groups, as of 2007, which they started their action, is very valuable. The groups consist of sensitized citizens who are willing and able to support and promote SPAVO’s purposes and objectives.  

To register your interest, please contact 1440.  

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