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Association for the Prevention and
Handling of Violence in the Family

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The shelters were created to serve as a secure temporary hosting facility for women and their children whom are in a physical and emotional danger from people in their familial environment. The shelters serve as more than just a shelter of need.

All programmes aim to strengthen battered women so that they can freely identify their needs and make their own decision to break the cycle of violence.  In order for women to stay in the shelter they will have to participate in all the shelter’s programmes.

The shelter is run by regulations for a better cohabitation of the guests and aims to secure a calm, secure and pleasant environment for all.


What are the shelters and how can I stay there?

The shelter is a safe home in which women and children experiencing domestic violence can live temporarily. We will offer a room for you and your children. The rest of the house consists of common areas that you will have to share with the other guests. The addresses of the shelters are confidential. You will be asked to sign an agreement which contains the conditions of residence and the necessary regulations ensuring both your safety and others.

In Cyprus at the moment, two shelters are operating for victims of domestic violence under our Association.

How can I arrange my stay in a shelter?

You can be informed about room availability by calling our free of charge helpline 1440. You can also inform the Police or Social Welfare Services of your need to get to our shelters.

You cannot reserve or ensure a stay at our shelters. If you decide upon requesting a stay at a shelter, we are going to ask your name, as well as the ages of your children who will accompany you. Moreover, we are going to request your phone number so one the Association’s staff can contact you.

As soon as some details regarding your admission to the shelter are settled, you are going to be informed about a meeting point. We do not provide you with the shelter’s address, in case you are being followed. When you are informed about the address or the area of the shelter, it is extremely important that you keep this information only to yourself.

What things can I take with me at the shelter?

You should only bring with you the necessary items for the basic needs of yourself and your children.

What things I can’t take with me at the shelter?

Our shelters do not have large storage areas, thus you cannot bring large items with you such as furniture or pets.

How long can I stay at a shelter?

The length of period a person can stay at a shelter will be assessed according to the needs of the individual.

During your stay at the shelter you can continue, if possible, to work or to seek new work.

Many women stay at the shelters, in order to stay away from domestic violence for a period of time, so they can have time to think, away from any danger. Sometimes women may decide to go back to their partner or proceed with legal measures.


The decision is always YOURS. 

Nicosia Shelter Statistics (2015)

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