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Association for the Prevention and
Handling of Violence in the Family

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 Myths and Realities

Abuse is just a momentary loss of control.

Violence is not just a momentary loss of control but a pattern of behavior.

Abused people can leave their home whenever they want.

There are many reasons why it is very difficult for a person who is being abused to leave her/his house.


Abused people are masochists.

No one likes being abused.


Drinking alcohol leads to violent behavior.

Drinking alcohol is not the reason but an excuse.


The perpetrator will change if the victim becomes more docile and tries not to annoy him.

The perpetrator will always find reasons to exercise abuse.


Abuse does not cause injury.

Violence escalates and can reach up to the murder.


Children need their parents even if they are violent.

Children raised in a violent environment grow with developmental and psychological problems.


The phenomenon of violence occurs more frequently and more intensely to those in the lower class.

Violence exists in all socioeconomic strata.


People who are abused are not educated.

Abuse happens regardless of the person’s educational background.


People who are abused it is because they deserve it.

This is a myth used by the people who are abusive in an effort to prove that what they did is right.

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