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Association for the Prevention and
Handling of Violence in the Family

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 Historical Background

The Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family was founded in Nicosia on the 25th July, 1990. The Association is a Non-Governmental, Non - Profit Organization.

1988A phone line for domestic violence issues operates for the first time; the number was 22365055.

1990: The Association was founded in a Founding Constituent Assembly on 25th July 1990.

1994: The supporting helpline becomes a 4 digit number, 1440.

1998: SPAVO’s first Shelter opens its doors to accommodate women victims of domestic violence.

2005: After the efforts of many years, governmental land is ensured in order to build our own shelter for victims of domestic violence.

2006: The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance supported our Association’s efforts by honoring us for our important social contribution to the community. In addition, they offered to our Association a generous donation of £20.000.

2007: SPAVO introduces and incorporates the first therapeutic program for violent behavior. The program “Love without Hurt” runs under the responsibility of the psychologist and marital counselor Mr. Andreas Orphanides (scientific collaborator of SPAVO).

2009: SPAVO undertakes the operation of the European harmonized phone lines 116000, 116111 and 116123 which are operating in European Union member countries. The phone lines are related to children’s disappearances (116000), children’s and teenagers’ emotional support (116111) and for the emotional support of adults (116123). Since 2012 the services of the phone lines 116000 and 116111 are operating with the collaboration of the Organization Hope for Children UNCRC Policy center.     

2008 – 2010: SPAVO runs a Pancyprian campaign entitled “Parents and Educators against Violence”. The Association’s staff and collaborators visited all provinces in order to inform /educate parents and educators in subjects such as child abuse, protection from sexual abuse, development of skills such as how to communicate with children and how to handle angry children. The campaign was a great success and more than 450 people participated.

2010: SPAVO reaches 20 years of social contribution. 

2014: The second Shelter for women victims of domestic violence opens its doors.

2014: The construction for the new Shelter/ counseling center begins. The project is co-founded from Norway grants, Republic of Cyprus and our Association.

2016: Opening of the shelter and counselling center 


Support to individuals who experience violence
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