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116000 Helpline

The European helpline 116 000 addresses exclusively cases of disappeared children. Our staff is trained to provide support to parents of missing children, to receive important information from citizens about a missing child and contact the related services. The helpline 116 000 is: 

free of charge

24 hours a day

365 days of the year

 To whom it is addressed?

Helpline 116 000 is addressed to parents, children and general public providing a secure network to anyone traveling to Europe. The helpline 116 000 does not substitute the Police. However, it provides help when people are in a foreign country, they do not speak the local language, they do not know the telephone numbers of local authorities, and they are confused on what they should do. This service is going to help you get in touch with the Police or any other necessary service.

The service 116 000 operates under the consortium of Non Governmental Organizations, Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (SPAVO) and “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Centre (HFC).

This service is funded by the European Committee and DAPHNE program.

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