Dear Visitor,

We are a charity – voluntary organization, and rely to a great extent on the help we receive from the people. Further down, you may find information on the possible ways you can support our work.

Become a Volunteer

  • Finding financial means.
  • Representing the Association at seminars, training and events.
  • Informing and helping new volunteers.
  • Helping in the preparation and participating in various events organized by the Association.
  • Through Paypal.
  • Through the service 1bank of the Bank of Cyprus. At the category ‘Transfers and Payments’ you can see the option ‘Donations’. On this page, you can choose our Association (it appears 2nd on the list) and make your donation.
  • Direct deposit to the Association at the Bank of Cyprus (Account number: 0125-01-017564).
  • Donate consumable goods for the needs of our Shelters.